Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Obsession/ Girl Crush

...with a dreamy girl band that is NOT School of Seven Bells, (My sister and her boyfriend Chip also said they were super disappointing when they saw them at Johnny Brenda's awhile ago...bummerz).

Warpaint has been around for quite awhile (they started in 2004, but I think started to get more attention/released their ep in 2007/2008-ish?), but like I've said before, I am often the last one to find out about things in general. In any case, I am excited to have found a "new" (for me) band that I really like a lot.

In other news, I passed comps! Now all that is left to do is pass praxis, make my resume (HELP!?), and the small matter of actually finding a decent CFY position somewhere close to Philadelphia...preferably (and hopefully) with adults.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring 2011

Another mix for spring 2011 made by your's truly. I have to re-scan the draw-ring because it got a little cut-off, but here is a sneak preview anyway:

Two videos of two songs that I put on the mix. They're pretty and fun, I think:

(I'm pretty sure this video was shot in Transylvania...also, there is a dog running around in the snow with a big stick, which I sadly found pretty entertaining).

In other news, comps (my comprehensive exams that allow me to graduate from my master's program) were pretty overwhelming and terrible, but also really not important in the grand scheme of things and what is happening around the world. Prayers and positive thoughts to everyone in Japan, and also thinking about my friend Alexis in Cairo and hoping she is safe and sound.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm excited for this:

And this, too, (when comps are over):