Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Goblin with the Girlhead

Oh wow.

I got the book The Best American Comics for Christmas (as a present from myself...hehe) and found this little series from Matt Groening featuring little kid bunny rabbits (?), Will and Abe. I've never seen it before but I also live under a rock in the town of hermitville so I might be a late-comer with this one. Anyway, this could be just be a post-oblivion fest delirium, but I am really amused by this particular comic short. Checks it out*:

*Best read with little-kid-nerd-lisp accent

The next page is titled, Movies I'm Going to Make When I Grow Up. A few select favorites:

-My Mother is a Squid Beast (may hit home with some of you?)
-The Girl is a She-Devil (again, see above.)
-I Married a Cyclops (because no man existed)
-There's a Dragon Behind Your Closet
-Two Monsters Island


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