Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Special Treat

And that is what I usually am thinking of/referring to when I talk about a special treat...but surprisingly, the particular special treat that I just experienced is NOT dessert/food related (Huh?).

I just had the pleasure of riding my bike down to the Physick House on 4th St and saw Josephine Foster play in a very intimate little show. I think this is the room we were in:

I will say that 90% of the show was very magical and special, but some strange things happened, that's for sure. I am too tired to get into the details right now, so maybe I will save them for another day.

Everything about Josephine Foster makes her seem as if she is not from this time. This makes sense in my brain but I'm too sleepy to explain. And that's another small annoyance I have about going to shows...the opening bands can be great and all (and the first opening musician was really great...the second? That's another story...), but I am SO DAMN SLEEPY by the time the person who I actually came to see comes on to play. I get the dreaded Dan-Sleepy-Eye (which for people who are unfamiliar is when I literally cannot hold my eyelids open without exerting an extreme amount of effort...and I usually fail miserably when I try to resist it).

Anyways, Josephine Foster is very lovely and when she was playing the harp tonight I was all, Huh, is this what heaven is like? The point is she sounded very angelic. And she sorta looks like she could have been on Anne of Green Gables. This is meant in the nicest way possible but I just gotta throw it out there.

"Aw c'mon baby"

Christmas cakes...I'm going to bed.

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