Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Didn't Love You Yesterday, Now I Always Will

Here are some new musical faves that I've stumbled across during my unemployed/unstudent I mean, 'new grad' status (...dang, I need to git a job).


1. Coma Cinema:

I listened to this band's album last night (called, 'Stoned Alone'...haha!) whilst cleaning up after dinner and all I can say is that dishwashing has never been so fun.


2. Mermaids:

When I came across this particular band I got real excited because for a second I thought they might be Katie Sketch's rumored (and I think now dead) post-Organ project, which was titled, 'Mermaids' as well. For the first few seconds of the first song I heard I was a bit disappointed and a tad grumpy...until those sweet, sweet, surfy-garage-inspired guitar notes jangled on through my ears. I couldn't help tapping my foot along, and now I'm hooked. This band hails from Atlanta, GA. I also love finding a good video of an amazing live performance, and these guys definitely nailed it!

3. Purity Ring:

Purity Ring- Lofticries from David Dean Burkhart on Vimeo.

I am actually surprised by how much I really like this single from Purity Ring, as I normally don't really get down with this genre of music. But this is super sick and I'll prolly be cranking this while driving (GTA-IV style?) through the streets of Philly. Also, I am pretty sure a fan put this video together, but this old movie kinda reminds me of Kill Bill and there's sweet 70's dresses in it, (plus eye-patches!), so that's an added bonus.

PS. My funemployment status has resurrected my video-gaming tendencies and I blasted the dust off my XBOX 360 the other day...get ready for some GTA-IV references...(since I can't afford any new games!) : (

"Aw Christmas I beddr git outta here"

That's all for now, back to the job search....

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