Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh Sweet Pumpernickle

I have been so busy the last few days. I haven't had one peaceful moment to myself. Its really been one constant swirling cloud of cat hair around know, getting papers in order, filing important documents, shuffling things around my, other stuff. I'm sure you can relate. So anyway, in this blog post I will be addressing several pressing matters that have been stifling my creative outputs this past week.

1. Jack O' Lanters:

Can you guess which is mine? Hint: It may or may not have a snaggle tooth. Also, make sure to take notes on the pumpkin in the middle. Natalia whipped up this little gem--Yes, it's the amazing Obama Jack o' Lantern. Look and learn, child'ns. Look and learn.

(The one on the far right is Sarah Palin---teehee!)

2. Something Scared Me Today:

To be honest though, I wouldn't be opposed to having a nightmare featuring Scary Mary...on TWO conditions: 1. It will replace any and all dreams I've been having related to Alveolar Fricatives and the cursed Glottal Stop. I can't take it anymore! And 2. I can have a lightsaber to defend myself.

And Finally,

3. Confused Dog Fights for Freedom:

Well, as my grandpap used to say, "Pork chop time's over." Back to eavesdropping on my drunk neighbor who is sitting on her stoop. Maybe I shall draw a cartoon so you can have a better mental picture.


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