Friday, October 10, 2008

Where Have All the Cheezballs Gone?

Yesterday I went to the grocery store, which was pretty uneventful (besides entering the Shoprite raffle to win a luxurious flower arrangement--keep your fingers crossed!), and once again was disappointed by the lack of one particular snack that should be located in the chip aisle: Planter's Cheezballs. Ah, so many fond memories of sitting in Kate's basement, playing scooby doo on nes and scarfing cheezballs like there was no tomorrow (the Bogolog's always had the best snacks).

Where is this snack?!

And then today, as I was innocently walking home from class, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a pile of smashed cheeseballs on the side walk. What a waste. Could these be the coveted Planter's variety that I have been searching for??? Probably not, I'm sure they were some crappy 90 cent rip off (because obviously no one in their right mind would intentionally leave planters on a sidewalk of Temple campus, right?), but still, it broke my heart.

UPDATE: I have discovered that this snack has been discontinued. If you care about America, you will sign this petition to bring them back:

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