Wednesday, September 2, 2009

PS. A Quick Word on Life and Love

I think I might be getting a little mushy in this next post. Yeah I know, you're prolly all OMG WTF but sometimes a girl just has to get a little sappy sometimes.

This morning when I was running around thinking about reading my client files, how I don't know anything about anything, that I have to relearn almost everything I've "learned" the past year because I don't know it/remember it (basically bordering on an anxiety attack) I stopped and thought about the last little blog post that I wrote.

And what I thought was that it's kind of silly for me to pseudo-complain about all the stress and anxiety I will be experiencing for the next few months,

A) Because most everyone has to deal with this kind of stuff


B) Because although I'm going to be running around like a crazy person for the next 2(.5?) years and cursing my career decisions, the plain and simple fact still remains that I am so lucky to be very much in Love (capital L, even!) with the most awesome/funny/handsome man I think I have ever come across. And really, that's all I could ask for.

And right now I am going to try to remind myself of this the next time I think, "I hate my life" and realize that that statement is absolutely false and couldn't be further from the truth.

End: Sappy Blogpost

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