Monday, November 23, 2009

No Time for Losers

I am copying Adrian with this blogpost, but I am just so proud of us for running the pool table ALL NIGHT at Sugar Mom's on Saturday night.

That's right, many fools stepped up to the challenge and they all lost to our supreme pool-playing skills (er, except ONCE when we lost...but don't worry we beat those guys on a second try). Some challengers were pretty terrible, but we actually played two pairs of doods who were really good (and we schooled 'em!). We even made some friends in the process (and maybe a few enemies on account of my feisty behavior...doh!)

But I have to give credit where credit is due, and that's to my PIC (i.e. Partner In Crime), Adrian, who was the real hero of the night. I was messing up shots left and right, but good ole' Adrian was continually consistent and played like a true Champion.

Cheers, Adrian!

(He's handsome AND he can play pool? Swoon!)

Sunday afternoon was also a pool-playing tournament of sorts, except this time it was homie vs. homie. Me and Adrian played for some pretty high stakes and the title of "Champion of the World" over at North Bowl...needless to say, I now owe him two home cooked dinners.


adrian said...

that looks like a super treat!

Dan said...

i got some good treats up my sleeve for you!