Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is War!

Yeah that's right.

Little ole' me vs. the Homeless/Crack-Head/Jerky Kid population of Philadelphia...battle to the death!


This afternoon I found my poor Corolla broken into YET AGAIN. Nothing stolen (I gots nothin to steal!). This is the second time in a month! WTF.

I am seriously considering taping up a similar note in the window of my car.

I was going to post a picture here of a mean looking dog and say something about letting it sleep in the backseat of my car as another method of destroying burglars...But after google-image searching for 'junk yard dog', I think this may be a better option:

Yeah, get 'im, Junkyard!


adrian said...

that bum looks like he has a cornhusk in his bearded dreadlocks...

Dan said...

i thought it MIGHT have been a plastic bag but i can def see cornhusk no that you mention it.