Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crime Scene Update!

So as it turns out my previous blogpost can be used as evidence! ...Well not really, but here's what happened:

As you might have guessed, I slept relatively peacefully for the rest of the night, and woke up this morning to a conversation my mom and dad were having (you must understand that morning conversations in my parent's house consist of the two of them yelling from across three rooms, so it is impossible NOT to hear, or sleep through it). My dad was saying that he had to CALL THE POLICE because our mailbox, along with all of our neighbors' mailboxes (15 in total which are attached in a row across the street from my house), had been SMASHED TO BITS by some unknown perpetrator.

Of course I had to contribute to the yelling-from-three-rooms-away conversation and inform the two of them that I was an ear-witness to the incident, and that I heard the 15 axe-saw crash noises around 11:30 pm.

Now, as I sit here and drink my morning coffee a real-live POLICE OFFICER is coming over to talk to ME about crime.

Too bad I was too much of a nerd-wuss, and wrote a blogpost to quell my fears of a axe-saw weilding murderer, instead of taking a page from the book of the scruffy, opossom-resembling, red-neck neighbor from Dazed and Confused:

"Busted ma mailbox...didn'tcha?"

"Tamperin with mailboxes is a felony o-ffense"

RATS! I could have been that redneck neighbor!

I tell ya, kids these days...


Dani said...

Oh, Flemington, you cesspool of petty crime.

Dan said...

Apparently that's what it has become! Village Glen might have to start a neighborhood watch...
Ps. Nice to hear from you Dani!! :)

Shannon K said...

heyyyy. i hand-painted that mailbox in 5th grade. :(

now i got's to do another one.

valerie said...

Oh Dan, I wish you were the redneck could be so good at that!!

Dan said...

yes, what with my excellent fake-southern accent skills and all, tee-hee