Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On Being Sweet and Staying Cozy

The wise old gnome that lives in my mom's indoor plant-garden recently came to life and gave me step-by-step instructions on how to beat the winter blues*:


1) Do something nice for someone else (Baked goods are, in most circumstances, much appreciated and also fun to make).

2) Read a good book (and take suggestions from a friend. Mine is 'The Raw Shark Texts" courtesy of the lovely Ms. Lauren Sieczkowski).

3) Drink Swiss Miss! (And load it up with whipped cream)

4) Visit (or call if you can't visit) your Mom/Grandmother/other-lonely-relative who misses you dearly.

Repeat when necessary!

(*No, I am not on drugs)


adrian said...

i'd like some swiss miss, please.

Dan said...

ask and ye' shall receive

quincy query said...

Yay! Are you loving "The Raw Shark Texts"?

By the way, the security word I had to type in to write this was "nuggents".

(hehe. nuggents.)

Dan said...

haha yes i finished it in one day! my dad is now reading it, and he had a bunch of "questions" for me about it. very cute. needless to say, he's diggin it too!