Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How Do Ya Like Them Eggrolls?


I am home alone. My sister is in Altoona (no joke!). My other housemates have moved out. Stevie is hiding from me after I poured water on him (he started it...) And the boyfriend is at Great Adventure. I think this calls for a Lucille Bluth kinda evening...

"Dun, DUN, DUN..."

Mama's talkin' loud. Mama's doin' fine. Mama's gettin' hot. Mama's goin' stong.
Mama's movin' on. Mama's all alone. Mama doesn't care. Mama's lettin' loose.
Mama's got the stuff. Mama's lettin' go.

(fast forward to 1:46 of the following youtube video for full effect):

...which for me means baking chocolate chip cookies and watching a Harry Potter movie.

"Ya freak b*tch!"

(Sorry mom! Franklin said it first)

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Moral Fibers said...

I don't want no part of your tight-ass country club--