Thursday, October 28, 2010

4 Smores and 7 Years Ago

Whilst on a (somewhat random) search for songs from the classic 90's music compliation disc, PULSE, (which Meghan, Kate, and I tried desperately to play at various New Brunswick parties when we were wee highschool raggamuffins...unfortunately for us the hipsters always managed to shut it down!), I found this little gem of a video, which I am using as inspiration for my upcoming Halloween party this Saturday night!

I can only hope my party will be as good as what you witnessed in that video...

After watching that particular video, I was reminded of one of my favorite Parker Posey movies, Party Girl, about a flaky screw-up party girl who attempts to become a librarian (...uh, I MIGHT have considered becoming a librarian in a certain somewhat shaky time during my early college years).

The Halloween/costume party dance scene I found from Party Girl is not for the faint of heart, and definitely a little weird, so watch out:

*Note: my plan for my party is more on the Martha Stewart end of the party spectrum, and is shaping out to be more cutesy (think: muddled cider, ghost petite fours, and pumpkin puff pastries), than the crazy altered-state-of-mind dance parties shown above. The worst that could happen at my party is for someone to drink too much cider and (GOD FORBID!) break my pool cue. This is just for clarification so anyone (i.e., the 3 people that read this blog) don't mistake me for some drug-crazed party-person.

Happy Halloween!!

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