Thursday, October 14, 2010

Retrace Your Steps!

Yesterday started off in disaster: First, I saw a small alien in my ominous and disturbing sign for the day to come, to say the least.


Following the alien encounter, I decided to run a few quick errands around the neighborhood before going to Temple to give voice therapy. I went to the fancy catfood store in my neighborhood to get the yittens some snacks. It was...CLOSED! Rats. Then I got some coffee beans, and then finally a big delicious bottle of over-priced water at the convenience store. I strolled home in a daze, admiring the beautiful fall weather!

To make a long story short, I begrudgingly got into the car to go to Temple for voice clinic. Of course there is no (free) parking, so when I got to the lot I realized I had forgotten my wallet.

"D'OH!" I thought.

Upon returning home, I ripped through my house like a small and semi-violent tornado, screamed at the cat, and wept a bit. Then I decided to RETRACE MY STEPS. So I went back to the convienence story. The Mama Fratelli look-a-like told me she hadn't seen my wallet...


Hopeless and pathetic, I left the store on the verge of tears and insanity. How would I get to Temple without any money for parking/public transportation? I was all in a tizzy, when I spied a pinkish blob in the middle of the street, (which reminded me, I really need to get my dang eyes checked), I ran up to the blob, and what did I find you ask....?

MY WALLET! With all my credit cards, license, CASH MONEY, still intact and snug as a bug in their proper pockets!

I know what you must be thinking..."You Lucky Bastage." And I did feel like one lucky bastage yesterday, I'll tell you whhhut. My difficult client was also very pleasant, and the other one canceled, thus all-in-all, the disastrous day turned out okay.

The moral of the story:

a. Retrace your steps!


b. Try not to be a flaky idiot in the first place


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