Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Beauty

I'm so excited! Alela Diane is coming to town next month to play at the World Cafe Live in West Philadelphia. This time I will try to get a good night's sleep the night before so I don't fall asleep during the show...whoops.

Here's another ikea-esque jam:

Her songs remind me of walking along creeks and in the woods of the secret spots in Delaware County.

It makes my heart go a'pitter-patter!

...And all the memories I have of these places are still so incredibly important to me, even though I'm not quite sure why. I am emotionally tied to these places and they just mean so much to me, to my growing up and the notion of 'home.' I guess it is a quality of being at 'home' in a world that is filled with such natural beauties and wonders and places to explore. There was something magical about that time, about being out in the woods where no one could find you, listening to all of the creatures going at their daily life. Ijust think this 'hidden world' is a special place to peek into once in a while if you get a chance, and it reminds me of being home with my best of friends.


Meghan said...

oh my dear, are you remembering walking around the woods across from collin's house? or the woods by the creek where we used to take max. i miss exploring in the woods with you. those were great times and the memories are still so strong for me too, just thinking about the trees and the setting sun and the running water and the quite road. i miss it and want to go back!

Dan said...

i was thinking about both places! so much fun. hey me you and kate should steal molly over thanksgiving break and take her to that place we used to walk maxie!