Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's 'Taters, Precious?

Things of Recent Note:

1. The Hope Sandoval show last night was lovely
...besides having to wait outside in the cold because the band showed up two hours late (good thing Shannon made us hot chocolate + Jameson to warm us up!), and pretty much falling asleep while they were playing (sleepy-time cozy music + Jameson + being awake and active since 4 AM = 100 lbs. eyelids)...But all-in-all it was very fun and relaxing. Hope has one of those amazing voices that is so beautiful and perfect, and reminded me of the kind of awe I experienced when I heard Georgia from Yo La Tengo sing for the first time live, (which was also coincidentally at the Church!).

Due to our combined-sleepiness power, we had to leave the show early...but it was fine with us! Some jokes concerning a certain scraggle muffin, his moon-faced side-kick, and rat soup were made, and general sisterly bonding occurred.

2. I am going to make this potato leek soup recipe today!
I think. Maybe. If I have time/energy (I still feel sleepy from yesterday's adventures). In any case, I'll at least go to the grocery store and buy the ingredients. I'll update as to whether or not it is particularly delicious or a potato flop.

"Boil em, Mass em, Stick'em in a Stew!"

Edit: 3. I started a New Blog (and no one knows why). It's called, Snack of the Day. You get the idea.


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