Wednesday, October 21, 2009

(Jareth) Cute-Story

This week I did speech-language screenings at a community charter school up in North Philly with my diagnostic crew. My favorite part about doing the screenings is the time I have with the little munchkins before the screenings start when I walk them from their classroom to the room we're conducting the screenings in. We're supposed to engage the kids in conversation to assess fluency, voice, and pragmatics (social skillz) because there are no formal measures on the screening tools for these areas, and the best part about doing sreenings during this time of year is the one golden question that gets 'em talking every time:

"What are you going to be for Halloween?"

Not only do I love Halloween, but theses little guys get so excited and jumpy and start telling me all about their adorable costumes and how they made a pumpkin trick or treat bag in art class. One little girl told me that she's going to be a princess because, "my mom tells me I'm a princess every day"...such sass! But the best this week came from a sweet little chap who said that he "was gonna be a monstaaaw!" (i.e. 'monster') and when I asked what kind of monster, he enthusiastically replied, "A.... BEAR!"

Ahahaha, so cute, you gotta love em.

"What up, fool?"


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