Thursday, December 17, 2009

Get Cracklin'

Today is my last day of school for the semester. All my finals have been turned in, all reports have been signed, filed, and sent out. And now all that is left to do is to sit in a room from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm and then I shall be released!

Perhaps my excitement would be better demonstrated by a montage of images. And since I don't have that capability, this will have to suffice:

"They're all...for me?!"

YEAH Ronnie Lott!

A-hem. In the meantime, there's presents to wrap, rooms to clean, x-mas cookies to bake, and Stevie's to tend to.

PS. I pledge to NOT sit on my bum all day during my time off, and am preparing ideas for "Meet The Stevers: Part Deux." In case you are unfamiliar, here's the original:



adrian said...

the cat from sabrina the teenage witch...nice touch! (it only took a minute for me to realize that one.)

Meghan said...

oh man. i just peed myself a little bit at 1:13. i want to see part duex!!