Monday, December 21, 2009

We Got Blasted

...with snow, that is.

I'm not sure what the official numbers were, but it was definitely over a foot of snow, and TWO Septa buses got stuck outside my house overnight.

In other blasted-related news, my friends from California are home/coming home for Christmas, and we've scheduled a boozey reunion to be held at Sugar Mom's this Wednesday night!

I'm so excited to see them, I've missed them so much!!! I'm making some special welcome-home treats for them today.

If all goes well, this reunion might get a little rowdy...

Be on the look-out for a crew of haggard kids, quoting Caged Fury and causing general silliness on the pool table!


adrian said...

there's a lotta boobies in that trailer.

Dan said...

and butts, too. "international star, erik estrada..."