Friday, March 5, 2010

Have You Seen Her?

The last I heard of Jessica Toth was that she was separated from (former?) husband, James Jackson Toth of the band, Wooden Wand, (now just 'Wand,' I believe). I really don't keep too up-to-date on music-related news or projects, so I have no idea if she is still making music or involved in any kind of new projects.

Part of the reason why I loved Wand's older stuff (and as a quick side note, it feels weird to refer to him as 'Wand,' because I really was only into 'Wooden Wand' and haven't heard any of his newer stuff...anyway!), was due to Jessica's beautiful voice and incredible vocal harmonies. I wonder if she is involved in any other musical projects...?

In other news, it turns out that I am a terrible wheelchair driver. I also get to pick up Adrian from the airport tonight. Oh happy day!

"Let's party"


Jim said...

i'm waiting for the postman to deliver her solo record to me, haha. i miss her voice too. she's going by "jex thoth" for the record and its supposed to be kinda heavy rock and roll. we'll see. there's also a wand cd that came out of odds and ends kinda songs that didn't make it on to the ww records that has her vocals on it too. and james/jim/wand/whoever has a new group called the jescos. interesting name, huh?

Dan said...

jescos. hmm. let me know how her solo album is! im a little suspicious of this "heavy rock and roll" business, but who knows, could be awesome. thanks for the info, dood! hope you're doing well : )