Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smooth Criminal

Today I witnessed an arrest by the side of Rt. 287 in the fine state of Central New Jersey. Exciting stuff, I know. But the real life lesson here was that I realized that I was actually feeling really bad for the khaki-panted criminal getting handcuffed next to exit 10. Oh exit 10, such memories...Anyways, I wondered if it was weird that I was feeling bad for him, instead of being all, "Good job fellas, another baddie off the streets!" I mean, in all seriousness, this guy could have been a pretty bad dude.

Maybe my 80's cartoon upbringing is to blame for this tendency to sympathize with the bad guy...after all, the main characters in my favorite shows were trouble-making cats, mostly.

And in my wee years as a young raggamuffin, I also may have had a crush on the bad kid from the Care Bears movie...I won't deny it!

"Oh hay!"

And perhaps this blog post is just a thinly veiled excuse to post the theme song from one of my childhood favorites and a picture of the Hamburglar, but I do promise you that I did struggle for one pain-staking moment on my alliance with good vs. evil...


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