Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Party Never Stops

Oh Lifetime.

How I love thee.

Today I made the jarring discovery that Hulu now features several Lifetime Original Movies that change-up each week. Holy Oreos! It was like I stepped into a magical time-machine that warped me back to 7th grade, lounging gracefully on my living room couch, stuffing Pringles into my mouth by the can and settling in for a perfectly disturbing Lifetime Original Movie about a nosey housewife turned crime-fighting detective...Or, my personal favorite, (and we had it on vhs, too!), the anorexic gymnast who hides her pizza in a potted plant. (*As a side note, this always puzzled me...the only thing I threw in there were my Flinestone vitamins. And they tasted like barf...just sayin')

Is there anything more unintentionally awkward and hilarious than the 'sexy music' in a Lifetime Original movie? I think not. It's just pure genius!

And today I had the pleasure of viewing, 'The Party Never Stops,' which taught me some valuable coming-of-age lessons about the dangers of teenage partying.

Take a peek, if you please:

"I'm in the Library, studying global weather"

...might be the best/most ridiculous line of the movie.

Here's a list of some other things that I got done today, just in case you think I'm slacking:


1. Filled out my Fafsa
2. Finished putting together my Powerpoint presentation on Conversational Turn-Taking in Fluent Aphasia (!)
3. Prepared all my therapy materials and outlines for Thursday
4. Cooked a healthy, delicious, and well-balanced dinner of sauteed kale, honey browned carrots, and bbq chicken (Shan did the chicken)
5. Went to the gym
6. And some other stuff

Now Stevie and I are going to have a staring contest, in which the winner will get to have a spoonful of yogurt.

PS. If only Hulu could get Unsolved Mysteries on there...now that'd be something...

"Who or whhhut, is responsible for their creation..."

I'm scurred!


adrian said...

when i first read lifetime i thought you meant the band...guess i was a little off.

Dan said...

Just a tad