Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Music Mixes (And Other Non-Sequiturs)

Spring-time music mixes are a lovely thing, I do believe.

And trying to make the perfect one is so much fun and a *bit* of a challenge, (as well as an aid in my ongoing quest to procrastinate as much as possible). It's a challenge because, (in my opinion), a good Spring Mix should encapsulate that kind of day-dreamy, light, and excited anticipation of warmer weather and sunshine in approximately 20 well-sequenced songs. And at the same time, (and I think I *try* to do this with all mixes I make), I want the songs, (and the mix as a whole), to have that ineffable nostalgic, epic, or stirring quality to it as well, (Damn my emo musical-upbringings!)...This can be a little tricky and time-consuming, to say the least.

And then there's the issue of the artwork...I don't know what I like better: creating the mix, or then listening to the whole thing while I draw an appropriately cute/strange, half grown-up/half child-like cartoon while listening to the mix in its entirety, (and sipping on a glass of wine/beer, of course). So Much Fun.

Last year I made a Summer mix that I was very proud of, (and I know of at least two people who really enjoyed it as well!). I think that this year my Spring Mix will be as equally beautiful and exciting to listen to, if not more so (here's hopin'). I only have 11 songs so far, and not in a set-in-stone order, but on the whole, they are very pretty and whimsical tunes that I *think* go together quite nicely and provide a balanced overall sound.

So, (whoever you are out there), if you'd like a copy of my Spring 2010 Mix, let me know. You can email your address to:

I'll promise to *try* to get them out in a timely fashion this year!

Now back to work..."Ya filthy animal."

PS. A big happy-birthday to my one true love, Adrian aka Treatboy Captain, who is merrymaking the day away out in sunny California with our long, lost, east coast friends.

"I'm havin' a ball scrappin and yelling and mixin' it up. Lovin' every minute with this damn crew..."

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