Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Here is a video from one of the other band's playing with comet gain tomorrow, the crystal stilts:

Pretty sweet, I think.

When's my super 8 gonna get here? I wanna make pretty music videos in philly in the summer time. dag.


Jeffo said...

Cats, funny drawings, and good music? Perhaps the greatest things ever. Check out what I am up to when you get a chance.

lemondisguise said...

haha thanks i didn't know anybody actually read this besides a few friends. nice interview w/jack terricloth

Jeffo said...

Awesome. Thanks. Yeah my pal Jonny sent me your link one day last week while I was at work and said that I needed to check it out. "You will get her jokes".

lemondisguise said...

haha nice :)