Friday, April 24, 2009

Let's Get Dangerous

For some unholy reason my parent's house has a near infestation of these terrible, miniature alien creatures that lurk in the darkest of corners and prey on unsuspecting and sleepy bystanders.

My dad calls 'em stink bugs.

Yes, apparently because they smell terrible if you squash them so BEWARE!

Just now, one circled above my head coming CLOSER and CLOSER (not unlike a helicopter spiraling to its fiery doom), trying desperately to land its little alien-like self as close to my FACE as possible, and I was only able to dodge it by mere centimeters at the LAST SECOND.

It was a difficult feat, and I almost knocked over my M.O.M (Mug O' Milk), so I'm sure you can imagine my apprehension and terror at the thought of actually trying to SLEEP in this place.

All I'm saying is, be on the lookout friends.

You don't wanna get skunked.

1 comment:

Jeffo said...

Those things are nasty. My first place was completely overrun by stink bugs. I hated it. Landlord found out that they breed in conifers so when he chopped down all our pretty christmas trees, they were no more. The way you described them helicoptering down really brought back some (creepy) memories.